Friday, July 29, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Another Friday, another bootleg. Today I've decided to give y'all a bootleg link to one of the crazier musicians kicking aorund today, Tom Waits. This site includes some rippin live sets as well as a collection of unreleased studio tracks. Enjoy the bootlegs and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


This is pretty twisted. It's a waterslide of the titanic.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Sidebar Section

Added a new section (and some links) to the sidebar; the games section. I included three links (so far); let me give some descriptions:

Knights! - A game built by a friend of a friend. Become a medieval lord or lady and endorse a knight to joust under your banner! Endorsing winning knights nets you honor, and the person with the most honor is King! Fun and surprisingly addictive. Also, free! Check it out.

NationStates - I mentioned this one a while back. This is a country simulator; you run a country and make decisions about how much freedom you give your people, how strong your economy will be, what kind of government you want to set up. There is no "winning" and every day you have a new issue to deal with. Interesting and fun, especially for the politically nerdly. Again, free!

Yahoo! Games - just linked to it cuz it has a lot of card games and such (including Cribbage, the only game I really play on the site)... so check it out if you're into that kind of thing. oh, and its free (as if you couldn't guess that).

Links are on the sidebar!


Accoridng to the WaPo, officials are saying troops could begin pulling out of Iraq as early as next Spring. I'm not sure what to make of this, we'll see what develops.


Bye By Pataki

he won't be running again. Say hello to Eliot Spitzer. Sweet.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ann Coulter is... right?!

Out of the mouth of the beast itself (herself): "we have the media now!" So much for that "liberal media" bias that the conservatives are always complaining about.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Light Updates this Week

Hey all,

Just to let y'all know, updates will most likely be light this week. A big project to finish up this week at work, so I don't have too many down moments. I'll try to post occasionally though.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Another Friday, another bootleg. Today I offer to you one of the rocking rollingist motherfuckers out there, Hank Williams III. Imagine Hank Williams, GG Allin, and the Reverend Horton Heat all playing in some sort of supergroup and you begin to get an idea of how freaking awesome Hank III is. I'll point you to a particularly quality bootleg, his 02/22/2005 show. The recording is professional quality and the set is rippin'. Enjoy the weekend and don't take any wooden nickels!

(more Hank Williams III bootlegs here.)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another Attack...

...on London. Things seem to be getting back to normal; information is still filtering in.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

RIP James Doohan

Today James Doohan, the actor who played Scotty on "Star Trek" died. He was 85. As a Trekkie from way back, I am saddened by the news and plan to watch some episodes of Star Trek (and that episode of The Ben Stiller Show where Doohan is a guest star) to commemorate tonight.


Red Sox Back in First

Just to follow up on yesterday's post, the Red Sox are back in first (although only by 1/2 a game). A lot of our troubles can be chalked up to the fact that we were facing a string of left handed pitchers (who we just can't seem to hit this year) but that ended last night with a good, clean win. Hopefully they'll win tonight - we need the momentum when we go face the White Sox later this week.

Oooh, and Embree has been let go. Thank god. He may have been getting a little better, but twice nothing is still nothing.

John G. Roberts Jr.

He's the Supreme Court nominee, not Clement as had been earlier suggested. So, what do we know about the guy? Well... not too much. Basically, he's been a partisan lawyer (read: GOP hack) for 20 years and has only been a judge for 2 years. But... whatever. At the moment, it's hard to tell just how conservative he is and hopefully the Senate will be able to probe effectively enough to determine just how far to the right he is. Let's see how this plays out.

Roberts dKosopedia entry

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Edith Brown Clement

Word is she's favored to be the nominee for Supreme Court Justice. Conservative but not fascistically so is the impression I get - but there really isn't much information about her. If I find anything significant I'll be sure to update this post.


25,000 Civilians Dead... Iraq since the invasion in March 2003.
Insurgents are said to have caused 9% of the deaths, while post-invasion criminal violence was responsible for another 36%.
That still leaves way too many civilians dead at the hands of the occupying forces. Oh, and 44.6% of these deaths have occured in the second year of the post-invasion. This, coupled with the increasingly solid evidence that Iraq has created terrorists, really makes me wonder how anyone can support this war anymore... I'm not sure that many people do.


EDIT: Finally added the link.

Screaming at the Wall

Well, the Red Sox blew it last night. They're on the skids and in a bad way. Now they're 1/2 a game out of first... trailing the accursed Yankees. I thought that at this point we were supposed to have a commanding lead in our division... not be tied for second with the Orioles. Oh well, I still think we're going to take the division, it'll just be a little more of a fight than was predicted. Hopefully Theo has something in the works to give the team the shakeup it needs.

Maybe I can find comfort in my other team... oh wait, the Rockies are the worst team in baseball and having their worst year since their inception in 1993. Bleh.

EDIT: Minor grammar fix

Monday, July 18, 2005

Willie Nelson - Countryman

Just picked up the new Willie Nelson album "Countryman" this weekend. In case anyone hasn't heard of it, it's Willie's new album (on the always wicked badass Lost Highway label) and it's a reggae album that has been kicking around in one form or another since 1995 (orginally, it was intended to be on Island Records). Anyways, its a collection of songs that include Willie tunes converted to that reggae sound, reggae covers, and other tunes such as the Johnny/June Carter number ("I'm a Worried Man") that finds Willie Nelson and Toots (of Toots & The Maytals) singing together. Anyways, the album kicks some serious ass. Willie Nelson sounds comfortable throughout the album and the music really works. Nothing sounds forced and fans of Willie, country music, or reggae should really dig this album. Go forth and buy it.

More Santorum

Because he just deserves it, especially for crap like this:
"In this case, what we're talking about, basically, is priests who were having sexual relations with post-pubescent men. We're not talking about priests with 3-year-olds, or 5-year-olds. We're talking about a basic homosexual relationship. Which, again, according to the world view sense is a perfectly fine relationship as long as it's consensual between people. If you view the world that way, and you say that's fine, you would assume that you would see more of it."
This guy says some ridiculously offensive stuff, the bastard child of right wing rationalization and "blame the victim" reactionary fervor.


Rudolph Gets Life Sentence

The bastard is going away, and he ain't coming back. Responsible for abortion bombings and the Atlanta Olympics bombing, the guy was living in the wilderness of North Carolina as some kind of extremist folk hero, and was finally caught and put on trial. Anyways, the guy is going to be getting more life sentences for more bombings, and good riddance. What he represents, however, is something that won't go away. We, as a society, need to deal with the fact that we have a culture that creates such wacko extremism - the likes of Eric Rudolph, Operation Rescue, Tim McVeigh, and others. Christian values indeed.


Futurama Movie!

Billy West has announced in a recent video blog that production is about to begin on a Direct to DVD Futurama movie, and that talk about a second one is already in the works. This is exciting, I for one love Futurama and have been yearning for more.


Friday, July 15, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Hey all! Another weekend is upon us, and thus another bootleg shall be delivered. How about I link y'all up to a site devoted to band I'm sure many thought ended before its time. That's right. The Ska kings of the 1990s (well, aside from my beloved Bosstones that is): Sublime. If any of you don't know, the Sublime Archive is a massive site with like... 80 bajillion downloads for your listening pleasure. Live tracks, remixes, dubs, alternate cuts, unreleased tracks, it's all there. Oh, and they have tracks of other skunk label and sublime related bands, so there's all sorts of goodness. Enjoy the weekend and don't let The Man keep ya down!

EDIT: Spelling correction

Another blog

Hey, I'll get to the Friday Bootleg in a bit, but I just wanted to point out another blog I'm putting up in the trusty sidebar. Katinula left a comment on one of the Santorum posts, and referred reader(s) to her blog "Reasonably Ascertainable Reality." After reading some entries, I decided that this blog is wicked awesome and that the world would be better off if everyone read it. So, go do that. Now. Please.

EDIT: Corrected for gender; I guess occasionally I do venture into Fox News levels of factuality. Whoops.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stewart and Goldberg

C&L has the video of last night's Daily Show interview with author Bernard Goldberg. His book, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America is out and it's basically a list of liberals (and 3 or so conservatives just to show how it isn't a partisan list) the author doesn't like. And Stewart exposes Bernie for the hack he is. Check it out here.

(via Crooks and Liars)

EDIT: Formatting fixes

Firefox 1.0.5 is out!

So, get it today. The download is here.

EDIT: Thunderbird 1.05 was also released, so grab it here if you use it.

Cure for Aids?

it seems we're getting there:
Japanese researchers have developed a durable new drug that blocks HIV from entering human cells and causes almost no side effects.
This is getting almost no coverage in the United States, but it's exciting.



So Much For...

A few bad apples. It seems that Abu Ghraib was a result of the practice that started at Guantanamo. The military is saying these tactics were "aggressive" but weren't torture. Yeah, right. Tell me another one.


Why Are We There Again?

Because it doesn't seem like we're there to help the Iraqi people, who are becoming increasingly unsafe. Looks like "last throes" to me.
Iraqi civilians and police officers died at a rate of more than 800 a month between August and May, according to figures released in June by the Interior Ministry.
Well, at least the mission has been accomplished. Wait... that doesn't seem right at all. Damn.


Got the Bastard

What a change from the old days, when white collar crime got you nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Bernard Ebbers got a 25 year jail term, and since he's already 63 years old, this amounts to a life sentence. Don't feel sympathy - the man stole billions (it was an $11 billion dollar accouting fraud conviction) and ripped off every hardworking American. He's getting his just reward.


EDIT: Minor grammar corrections

Kenya goes Green

Well, good news for the planet.
Kenya's biggest chain of supermarkets has introduced biodegradable shopping bags in response to concern about the pollution caused by plastic ones.
It seems like if this kind of measure can be implemented in Kenya, it should be able to be implemented in the Western World.


P.S. If you're curious why sometimes I link to an article sometimes just using the word "link" and other times the word "source," there is a reason. When I just link and call it a source, I think I've pretty well discussed a topic in my blog post and I'm just basically citing my source. If I use the word "link" then I think there's a significant amount of further information to be gleaned from following the link. Just an FYI, if anyone was curious.

Aljazeera Polls

If you'll notice, I have a link to the Aljazeera website in the sidebar. Now, I don't get my news from Aljazeera, and I wouldn't generally recommend you do either. But, from time to time, it is worth checking out just to see a different perspective (often a VERY different perspective) on the news. Always of interest are the Aljazeera polls. For example, today's poll question is:
Do you expect the trial of the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to reveal more U.S. scandals?
Can someone say "Fox News of the Middle East?" Now, I know this is hardly breaking news (gasp... you mean Aljazeera is biased?!) but it's still worth being reminded that while we may hate our news, we're not the only group of folks who have to deal with ridiculously slanted news.


Some more blogs

Hey, I noticed I hadn't really added any new blogs to the sidebar lately. So, let me do that now. Here's a few excellent political blogs that are worth your time:

Crooks and Liars - specializes in audio and video footage of conservatives and other ne'er-do-wells being... well... crooks and liars. One of the cornerstones of the liberal blogosphere.

Think Progress - A hard-hitting blog that point by point tears down the dishonest talking points floating around the media.

My Left Wing - A relatively new blog I believe, but already worth reading.

MyDD - I don't know why I didn't link to this cornerstone blog before, but it's one of the essential reads along with Kos and Atrios.

Maybe I'll add some more if I think of them. Also, I may do crazy stuff like... Alphabetize the links or something. Cuz... I really should.

EDIT: I've alphabetized the links and any other links that I add today I'll also list at the bottom of this post:

Always Tomorrow - A webcomic about a guy and his girlfriends - who has come back as a zombie. Updated rarely but the artwork is pretty great and its a good read.

Washington Post - Another of the big newspapers in the U.S. Another one of those links that I can't believe I didn't have up earlier.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kevin Millar Traded

According to Newsday, 'tis true.
Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar [...] appears to be headed to the Astros in a deal for reliever Chad Qualls.

Well, I'll miss the guy. I think both Youk' and Olerud will be better on the field, but I'll miss the upbeat element he brought to the dugout. For those interested, Chad Qualls stats are here.


(via Over the Monster)

Santorum Part II

Rick Santorum continues to disparage the liberally evil Boston. This time he suggests that consensual sex is equal to rape. I think that it's time to pull out the heavy artillary on this one.

Santorum, double dumbass on you.



Tuesday, July 12, 2005


For your pleasure, a comic based on the subject lines of spam. Pretty damned funny.


EDIT: I, of course, am referring to e-mail spam, as opposed to the delicious meat.

McClellan Gets Fried

Holy shit. Our press seems to have suddenly grown a spine. Keep it up.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Iran + The Coalition of the Willing

WTF? It seems that Iran is joining The Amazing Shrinking Coalition of the Willing. Those noble, evil (as in "Axis of Evil") Iranians.


Friday, July 08, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

It's that time of the week. That's right, the Friday Bootleg. Today we're taking a trip down memory lane all the way back to the sunny 90's. Here's a one-hit wonder type band that I've always liked, and whose music you're probably familiar with even if the name isn't immediately familiar. The band is the New Radicals (of "you get what you give" fame) and the bootlegs are here. Enjoy, I'm off to God's Country for the weekend!

EDIT: Minor spelling correction

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Oh Sweet Jebus

"Far more advantageous to fight terror using trained soldiers in Iraq than trying to defend civilians in New York or London." - Andrew Sullivan

Screw you all, you wingnuts, you supporters of a wrong war. Today it was proven you all made the west a less safe place.

(from Atrios)

Why Dogs Are Great

A recent study done shows they're Democrats:
dogs possess qualities of "altruism, empathy, and a sense of fair play."

EDIT: Minor formatting change


Just awful.

I don't even want to think of what the political reprecussions will be right now.

Joe and Monkey

Just wanted to say, if you haven't checked out this webcomic yet, you are a foolish mortal. By Zach Miller (and sometimes by Mitch), this comic rocks all socks ever. It is "awesome." Check it out fools!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

German Admits Creating Sasser

it's always the quiet ones... and the German ones.


Man in Black

I've always thought that this song should be the anthem for the Democratic Party. Talk about sending a clear message about your values.

Well, you wonder why I always dress in black,
Why you never see bright colors on my back,
And why does my appearance seem to have a somber tone.
Well, there's a reason for the things that I have on.

I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down,
Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town,
I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime,
But is there because he's a victim of the times.

I wear the black for those who never read,
Or listened to the words that Jesus said,
About the road to happiness through love and charity,
Why, you'd think He's talking straight to you and me.

Well, we're doin' mighty fine, I do suppose,
In our streak of lightnin' cars and fancy clothes,
But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back,
Up front there ought 'a be a Man In Black.

I wear it for the sick and lonely old,
For the reckless ones whose bad trip left them cold,
I wear the black in mournin' for the lives that could have been,
Each week we lose a hundred fine young men.

And, I wear it for the thousands who have died,
Believen' that the Lord was on their side,
I wear it for another hundred thousand who have died,
Believen' that we all were on their side.

Well, there's things that never will be right I know,
And things need changin' everywhere you go,
But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right,
You'll never see me wear a suit of white.

Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day,
And tell the world that everything's OK,
But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back,
'Till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black

Johnny Cash rocks.


Gay Marriage = Fascism

Wow. This is quite the editorial. Kathleen Parker explains why gay marriage and sex education are leading to fascism in America. Read it here.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

That's right, it's time for the Friday Bootleg. Today, we feature one of the most bad-ass of all bands. That's right... Public Enemy. These guys have created truly badass music for like... 80 million years, and they still rock (I mean... rap). Anyways, check out some of that sweet, sweet Public Enemy-on-Bootleg action right here. Enjoy.

P.S. Due to vacation, updates will most likely not resume until next Tuesday

EDIT: Grammar/spelling correction