Friday, September 30, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Sorry it's a bit later than usual... here's the Friday Bootleg. Instead of doing my usual live bootleg bit, I've decided to link you to a cool mash up artist, Sam Flanagan. The first song is of particular note, as it's a mashup of The Clash and Gorillaz. Awesome.

Also, The Sox beat the MFYs and Serenity is a kickass movie. A good night.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I know it's being blogged to death, but this is definetly a topic that is worth mentioning:
The Republican majority leader in the US House of Representatives Tom DeLay has been indicted with criminal conspiracy by a grand jury in Texas.

It finally happened. It's like Christmas in September. I really don't want to be an asshole about this, but the guy deserves it. DeLay is everything that's wrong with single-party politics. The corruption and hubris shows no limits, and it's finally biting someone in the ass. Someone important. Of course some unscrupulous Democrat would probably have done the same in DeLay's position; the point is that no politician should be in a position where they feel so powerful that the laws don't apply to them anymore. Luckily, as this indictment seems to suggest, we may not have gotten to that point yet.


Monday, September 26, 2005


Sorry there were no updates today; I'll try extra hard to get something up tomorrow.


Friday, September 23, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

You know you want it. Well, you got it. Here's The Friday Bootleg.

Not enough soul in your life? Maybe not enough collectivity? What about some sort of combination thereof? Well, just for you all, here's some Collective Soul to rock out to. Don't say I never did anything for y'all. Peace out.

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents

For you folks that want to get past censorship walls in places like China, the group Reporters Without Borders has just the guide for you. Check it out here and spread some truth. Fighting censorhsip is always a good thing.


I Know, I Know...

...I said that I was going to stop this "I'll just link to Kos front page entries" crap, but this is just too good. LarryinNYC has an insightful look into why some Democrats are announcing "yes" votes on Roberts and why some are announcing "no" votes on Roberts. Read the article. Hopefully it will help restore a little faith in our Democratic Party.

Personally, I'd say the analysis is pretty spot on. Yeah, probably some Dems are going to vote yes just because they lack backbone, but I really do believe most of our Dems are better than that. The Republican magic of 9/11 has long worn off, and Dems aren't giving the Admininistration a totally free ride anymore. Just mostly free cuz, you know, it's hard to stop too much when you're the minority party.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

200+ Posts

I just realized that this blog is now the home to over 200 posts. That must be some kind of a landmark moment in the growth of a blog. Or something. Anwyays, seeing as how at the beginning of all this I wasn't sure if I'd keep at the blog for more than a week or two, things seem to be going all quite well. Now, if I could just entice one or two people to actually read this damned thing.

For Real?

I know it's from an Al Jazeera article, so God knows how accurate it is, but this seems almost too funny and sad for words:
Evangelical Christian Chairman of a gas company claims that Israel's oil reserves can be mapped using the Bible.

The article goes on to explain that John Brown, the chairman of Zion Oil and Gas, has found biblical passages confirming the existence of large amounts of oil under Israeli soil. Asked whether or not he could reveal the amount of oil under Israel, Brown explained he was forbidden to speak of any specifics but when the oil was found it would prove to be "...a lot."

This is mildly disconcerting. It smells of fear over dwindling supplies of oil that we have to turn to biblical passages to dredge up fuel to keep us powered. Are we really beginning to get that desperate for oil? What if we turn to Nostradamus and see if he has any recommendations on where we can find our fossil fuels? Or perhaps Miss Cleo could be of some help. Hell, I'll look in my bowl of alphabit soup and try and discern some hidden message about where I can strike it rich with black gold. Or... maybe we should spend less time searching the bible for hidden messages about oil and start finding good fuel alternatives? Just a thought.

About Spam Comments

I hate them, I do. But, the only real way to prevent them is to implement a verification system (i.e. "type the letters in exactly as you see them"), which is something I don't really want to do. I feel that making people jump through extra hoops to comment on my humble blog is counter-productive. So, for those that get as annoyed as I do at having to read spam in the comments section, bear with me and just try to ignore it. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Progressive Rankings

Kos links us to an awesome site where you can find out how progressive your elected representatives are. As a guy who likes to look at numbers in politics, this is especially fun. For my own part, this is what I discovered about my esteemed Colorado representatives:

Representative [Progressive Score]
Mark Udall (House - D) [86.87]
Wayne Allard (Sen - R) [3.24]
Ken Salazar (Sen - D) [75.47]

Overall, not too bad. Wayne Allard is an asshat, but I already knew that. One of the nice things about fiddling around with the results is that you can delve into the issues that gave these elected representatives their rating (so you know it's not just bullshit). One thing I found interesting was that there was no overlap between Republicans and Democrats. All members of Congress pretty much followed their party lines. So, even a "conservative" Democrat like Joe Lieberman carried a progressive rating of around 75 and a "maverick" Republican carried a progressive score of about 13. So if you're a liberal and talk about how you'd support McCain if he ran, think very carefully about that. He's no liberal, he's not even close. As for Lieberman, I for one will try and restrain my dislike of him and try and criticize him for specific things he actually does, as opposed to how I used to kind of just do it generally because I don't like the guy. In conclusion, if you consider yourself progressive than it doesn't really do you much good to support a Republican (even if they are supposed to be from the moderate wing of the party) because even though some Republicans talk the moderate/liberal talk (like Chafee and Snowe) they all walk the conservative walk. Bar none.

(via Daily Kos)

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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Blogosphere

What influence do blogs have? How are the Left and Right blogs different tactically? Peter Daou has a fascinating article on blogging and its influences in politics. Personally, I would tend to agree with the conclusions he comes to. Certainly this "influence" doesn't apply to my blog, but for site like Kos and Eschaton, there is certainly a profound and largely unexpected influence in politics. As a side note, I find the interplay discussed in the Kerry election on their view of blogs interesting. It seems likely that this next round of elections will see an increasingly number of Democrats (and the Democratic establishment) embracing the blogosphere and netroots and hopefully not just seeing the internet as purely a fund-raising tool like it did during the last presidential elections. One can hope, anyways.

(via C&L)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hail & Well Met

I've always felt the one thing Complete Control truly lacked was an outrageous idiot blathering and ranting about how we're all doomed and how George W. Bush is in league with Satan and Martha Stewart. I think it's important to be reminded from time to time how truly and irrevocably screwed we all are, since it's thoughts like these that keep me warm at night, along with my blankie that I've had since I was 6.

Well, luckily enough, I'm here to fix that. Incoherent rants are the name of my game, and I like it that way. After all, why substantiate your arguments when you could just obfuscate the point by just referring to some horrible tragedy in our nations history to justify your cruxification of those who don't agree with you?

No silly, I'm not talking about 9/11. That's the Republican's schtick, blaming the Left for something we didn't do. We Lefties have far more class than that. Instead, we get to talk all about how the Republicans, and namely BushCo, totally botched the post-Katrina effort, because they actually did! We've finally got something to make the average American realize how damned important a responsible government is, and since staying on message worked so well for the Right, there's no reason to assume it won't work for the Left.

So, ladies and gentlemen and transgendered, without further ado, let me say I'm glad to be informing you of just how right I am! Stay tuned for incoherence and sweet, sweet hatred!

Welcome Ashy!

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to a new contributor to the site. The guy behind such classic blogs as Rick's Cafe American and his newest blog, The Watchmen, it's my good friend Ashnod. Expect insightful views on politics, society, economics, philosophy, and the like. If we all had at least half the knowledge Ashy has, we wouldn't all be as fucking stupid as we are now. Peace out.

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What does polling matter? It's now the hip thing to go "well, polls are totally meaningless" or something similar. But, despite the fact that polls certainly don't dip into the complexities of a person's belief system, they do actually provide some fairly reliable information about where a person trends towards. That's why polling is still done and why people in power still pay attention to them. Take this latest poll data (via MyDD), which clearly shows people's faith in the Republican Party shaken, probably to the core. Worth noting (as people like Atrios have) is that while Democrats seem to have made inroads into all age brackets, they're strongest support is among 18-29 year olds. what does this mean? It means that the Liberal movement in the United States does indeed have a future. Don't believe the doom-and-gloomers (particularly on the left) that spout on about how the Republican Party and the Conservative movement have captured the youth of America. Polling doesn't support it, and neither does common sense. While optimism must certainly be tempered by the realization that the Republican Party is still in control, and that a lot can happen between now and election day, the attitude that we on The Left are already defeated even though public attitude is shifting out way is at best counter-productive, and at worst self-defeating. So don't do it anymore. Seriously, Stop.

Thank you.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Wow... it's already Friday and I haven't even done any real updates this week. But, fear not noble readers! I shall next week with more updateage. If all goes according to plan, I will most likely do less in the way of "link blogging" and instead focus on more detailed analysis of stories/events. This means I won't have as many daily posts, but hopefully those posts will be more interesting.

Now, as for this weeks bootleg. The weather here is (finally) turning Fall-like, and it's kind of drizzly. What would be better than some crunchy 90's post-Grunge Metal? Nothing, that's what. So, for your listening pleasure, I present to you The Deftones. Handle with care.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


...for the lack of updates this week. My workload has been kicking my ass. Updates will be light for the rest of this week, as well. I'll try and make sure I at least get a Friday Bootleg up. Guh.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Today, I've decided to give y'all some bootleg action from one of the greatest pioneers of electronic music. Those loveable and crazy Germans who make music to this day, and who are having much of their back catalogue re-issued. That's right, the good 'ol boys known as Kraftwerk are this week's focus. Check out some live recordings of them here, and have yoursels a rockin' little weekend.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rape Condom

Wow, it makes me hurt just thinking about it. But, I can't really complain because rapists deserve whatever they get. But, nontheless, ouch.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

PawSox season ends

It truly is becoming Fall. The PawSox ended their season yesterday, losing 6-0 to the Red Barons and finishing the season 7 games out of first in their division. Not a bad season overall, from what little I followed. Certainly there are rising stars in the minors that we'll be seeing more of in the near future. Hopefully, it will be with the Red Sox. Just another month of Major League baseball to go... and the Pats start their first regular season game Thursday. Summer really is over, which is okay. Bring on Fall. Rock.


I seem to be in "just link my readers to the good stuff" mode today. So let's do more of that. MyDD has a great rundown of the Katrina polling numbers, and basically, the American people are really "harshing the president's buzz." A 55% disapproval rating is not a good thing to have, Mr. President.

Racism & Katrina

While the disaster known as Katrina has left a lot of areas destroyed, along with a lot of lives, the hurricane has also brought up to the forefront a number of troubling issues that our society for too long has ignored. From corrupt government to class politics, subjects that have seemed taboo to discuss seriously before, are par for the course these days. One of the subjects, continuing racism, is the focus of Digby's excellent article. Go check it out.

Monday, September 05, 2005

For those that whine...

...that the Democrats never offer an alternative plan of action, read their motherfucking Katrina plan and shut the fuck up. It's long and comprehensive, exactly the kind of thing that people who criticize Democratic leadership have been asking for. Read and enjoy.

The Value of Life

Bill Munny: Hell of a thing, killin' a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have.
The Schofield Kid: Yeah, well, I guess he had it comin'.
Bill Munny: We all got it comin', kid.
-Unforgiven (1992)
Here is something you just can't understand / How I could just kill a man!
-Cypress Hill, "How I Could Just Kill a Man" (Cypress Hill, 1991)
Well, here we go again, another article from yours truly, DeCappa. I have decided to start out all of my posts with a quote or two that sets the mood for the piece and kind of gets your brain in the right gear to start thinking about the subject I am trying to tackle. A bit pompus, I know, but this is my post so if you don't like it, tough buttons. I didn't mean that, come on back! Please? OK, good. Let's see if I have what it takes to do this subject any form of justice. (Probably not, but it will be fun anyway, right?)
The first quote is from the very excellent Clint Eastwood joint, Unforgiven. I actually forgot where the quote came from when I used it in a conversation with my parents, but my mom knew it right away (Thanks Mom). The conversation was sparked by an article that I read last night by Mr. Maddox entitled "Christopher Reeve is was an asshole." In his little rant, maddox basically says that Reeve was an asshole because he led a more priveliged life than the rest of us... blah blah blah (read the article, it's pretty entertaining). I don't agree nessecarilly with what he says, but he makes some interesting points and it got me to thinking about the value of a human life and a slew of other subjects. Is one person's life more valuable than another's? Why do so many people assign more of thier personal emotional energy to Reeve being crippled than some bum on the street with probably a much more depressing story to tell? (You may think that one is pretty easy, but most people aren't self-aware enough to question thier own feelings towards others.) Isn't all life sacred? How can you be pragmatic about the inevitable delemias that pop up when you have to make a choice between the relative value of one human life over another or even more abstract things like the value of a human life in terms of money, time, and other resources?
The second quote is from the Cypress Hill song "How I Could Just Kill a Man"

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Motherfucking 90's style, yo. How about some Gin Blossoms for y'all. Maybe I'll try and find some Burnside for next week...

Crash on the Levee

Just read this.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

1000 Dead in Iraq

1000 people are dead in Iraq after a stampede occured in Northern Baghdad.
The chaos began when rumors of an imminent suicide bombing spread through the more than 1 million people gathering at a Shiite shrine in the capital.

This is awful. It seems like these days nothing is going right in the world... It's disaster at home and abroad. Hopefully we'll see some light soon.


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Global Warming & Katrina

To me, a "crazy" liberal, Katrina seems to be an obvious effect of Global Warming. Not all people agree, and debate seems to be igniting in the scientific community. This is a good thing. The Global Warming issue needs to feature prominently in people's minds as people start looking back over hurricanes and their increasing frequency and deadliness. Global Warming seems to be a reality, and although it's tragic that it might take something like Katrina to start getting some people to take this problem seriously, the rekindling of the debate in the public mind might be some kind of silver lining.


RIP R.L. Burnside

One of my personal favorite blues musicians died today at age 78. He was one of the latter-day greats in Blues music, and the genre will seem a little emptier without him. I, for one, will be listening to him today.