Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh. My. God.

Epstein is bye-bye. he will not be returning as the Red Sox GM. I think I join with most of the rest of RSN in saying "WTF, mate?" Although, when there was no confirmation of a deal before last weekend, I was getting pretty damned worried. Uggh... maybe it will turn out for the best (hopefully).


Anti-Spyware Coalition Publishes Guidelines

In the news today, The Anti-Spyware Coalition has agreed upon definitions and guidelines that will be used to determine what will be classified as "spyware" and "adware." This could be a potentially useful move in counteracting malicious ad/spyware that we all know and hate. There are big guns in the coalition, too. Full news story is here and the website for the coalition is here.

I for one welcome any help in cutting down on adware and spyware, even from companies that we nerdly types usually looks down upon (ahem, AOL). But, if all these companies are coming together in a way to better help the average internet user, that can't be bad... right?

Freakin' Awesome!

The Boondocks are getting their very own show on Adult Swim! What a nice thing to happen to such a great comic. I'll be sure to be watchin' it; hopefully it will rock. It premieres next Sunday at 11:00pm.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gasp! A Sunday Update?!

It is true. But this is just too funny to pass up. Evolution is for homos anyways.

EDIT: More of The Funny here. This time about the quality of Fox News. Good times.

P.S. That Evolution is for Homos thing was a joke. Please don't hate me.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Okay, okay, okay. Seein' as Halloween is a-comin' (and tonight is my college's big Halloween Party), I've decided that there is only one band that is suitable for this kind of holiday. One band that stands out and goes "we's all about the spooky... bitch." Or something. That would probably be what the band would be like if Stephen Colbert was the lead singer anyways. But, I digress. For today's Friday Bootleg, I give you The Misfits!

And, as a bonus treat, here's The Misfits very own version of the Monster Mash (from their website).

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

SCOTUS Nominee...

...Jesus H. Christ. Brilliant. Just Brilliant. Read the future history of the nomination of Jesus Christ to the Supreme Court here. A taste:
Bush Gives Christ SCOTUS Nod
Monday, November 21, 2005

WASHINGTON (AP) - Reeling from the rebuke he received over the nomination of Harriet Miers, George Bush nominated former carpenter Jesus Harold Christ today to the nation's highest court. "I've been saying for years now that he's my favorite philosopher," the President remarked, "so I think the American people will be proud when they get to know J.C.'s judicial philosophicalness."

Bush called on the Senate to "review every aspect of Jesus' qualifications fairly and with haste. It's important that we get an up-down vote on this nomination by the end of the year".

Holy Nomination Deemed Controversial
Wednesday, November 23, 2005

WASHINGTON (NYT) - Despite being the figurehead of one of the world's largest religions, the nomination of Jesus Christ to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court is getting a mixed reaction on the Hill from Democrats -- and Republicans.

"Who is this guy?", universally-beloved maverick John McCain asked reporters. "I find it hard to believe that this guy has gone thirty-three years without ever taking a stand on Roe v. Wade."

In an off-the record interview with the Times, Senator Chuck Schumer added "He seems like a nice guy, but I'll need to see what comes out during the conformation process before making any decisions".

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hark! An Update! About Flock!

Wow, haven't updated in a while (well, a while for this blog anyways). And it's been even longer since I made any kind of Tech update... so let's do that. I've decided to give mention to a new browser which is being developed called Flock. It's a new browser based on Firefox's source and the recently released developer's beta suggests that Flock may offer some intriguing new features to the interweb experience. Top of the list are integration of RSS feeds, integrated blogging features, and a serious ovehaul of the "favorites" system that begins by storing your favorites list online and does some serious reorganization of your favorites list and what you can do with it. After tooling around with it for a bit, I must say my interest is developed to the point where I'll be keepin' my eye on it. Of course, since it is just in an early beta stage (this release is .5pre) it's not exactly fully functional, but it shows promise. If you want to check it out, you can download it here, and you can head on over to the browser's own blog here.

As this little browser develops, I may be updating this blog from the comfort of an integrated browser feature instead of a seperate webpage. Wouldn't that be neat? I think so.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Friday Bootleg

Hey all, time for another Friday bootleg. I think perhaps we'll turn to a man who has been in the media quite a bit lately, Pete Doherty. The man may be a fucking waste of skin, but he does make some good muzak - so without further ado, here's a massive site with Libertines, Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things, and solo work by all the Libertines (inc. Doherty). Rock on.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

DeLay Arrested!

His booking photo is just creepy. Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Uggghhhh.... this annoys me to no end. I'm just putting up the article in its entirety:
State senate leader barred from another term

By Lynn Bartels, Rocky Mountain News
October 18, 2005

Colorado's attorney general will announce today that state Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald cannot seek another term, the Rocky Mountain News has learned.

The opinion is not legally binding, which could mean a court battle ahead if Fitz-Gerald decides to run for another four-year term next year.

Fitz-Gerald, a Jefferson County Democrat, is the first woman Senate president. She has been mentioned as a possible gubernatorial candidate next year or a candidate in the 2nd Congressional District in 2008.

Former Secretary of State Donetta Davidson had earlier ruled that Fitz-Gerald could run again, but last summer she asked Attorney General John Suthers to re-examine the matter.

Suthers' office informed Fitz-Gerald this morning and encouraged her to "bring the matter to the courts for resolution," AG spokeswoman Kristen Hubbell said.

Fitz-Gerald, reached minutes later, said she wasn't surprised.

"I do think we need to get this settled once and for all," she said.

"We have one ruling from the secretary of state, who under pressure from Republicans, asked a Republican attorney general for an opinion, and he made another ruling."

Fitz-Gerald, who is in Washington, D.C., said she would have a more complete response later today.

The issue involves Colorado's term-limit law, which allows senators to serve two consecutive four-year terms and representatives four two-year terms. It also specifies that "any person appointed or elected to fill a vacancy" and who serves "at least one-half a term" shall be considered to have served a full term.

Sen. Tony Grampsas died in office in February 1999. A Republican was named by a vacancy committee to succeed him.

Fitz-Gerald defeated Grampsas' successor in 2000 and won the right to serve the last two years of the term. She was sworn in Jan. 10, 2001, then sworn in again to her current four-year term on Jan. 8, 2003.

"Obviously, therefore, you served less than one-half" of Grampsas' term, Davidson concluded earlier this year.

Davidson's fellow Republicans were outraged and she later asked the attorney general for an opinion

This is Republican bullshit. The party sees that Dems are making powerful inroads into Colorado and with the Republican Party collapsing on both the state and national level, they're trying to spinelessly block their competition. Hopefully it will all blow over and Fitzgerald will be able to run again. Hopefully.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Just because I'm fucking tired of idiots claiming that there aren't any negative effects in smoking marijuana:
11. Cannabis smoke contains many of the same components as tobacco smoke. As much as four times the amount of tar can be deposited on the lungs of cannabis smokers as cigarette smokers if a cigarette of comparable weight is smoked. This difference is probably the result of differences in administration. Cannabis cigarettes usually do not have filters and cannabis smokers usually develop a larger puff volume, inhale more deeply and hold their breath several times longer than tobacco smokers (Joy et al 1999).

12. Chronic smoking effects are similar to those of tobacco smoking. Chronic heavy use of cannabis is associated with increased symptoms of chronic bronchitis such as coughing and wheezing. Lung function is impaired and there are greater abnormalities in the large airways of cannabis smokers than non-smokers. Cannabis smoking is associated with changes in bronchial tissue. Many cannabis smokers have erythema (increased redness of airway tissues) and edema (swelling of the airway tissues). (Joy et al 1999). Studies have shown that people who are regular users of cannabis but not tobacco have more symptoms of chronic bronchitis than non-smokers (Hall 2001).

Obviously, this isn't a horrible, debilitating problem in the same way effects of cocaine or heroin can be. I just want people who smoke pot to get a grip on reality and realize that what they're doing is probably, in health terms, about the equivalent of smoking regular cigarettes (and since I know several pot smokers who would never smoke a cigarette, maybe this will give them something to chew on. And then ignore. Because they'll accuse this information of being "propaganda" because it doesn't support their idiotic world view that nothing they do can hurt them).

Anyways, sorry for the rant. The site I got these bullet points from is a pretty good source (seems pretty well researched as far as I can tell), and seems fairly unbiased. The goal of the institute is, as far as I can tell, simply to try and propose realistic drug legislation (in the U.K.); they aren't on some particular crusade to ban all drugs or any crap like that. Anyways, the real point is I just wanted to show that the question of whether marijuana is harmless is at best ambiguous. Make sure to check out the link. That is all.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Some New Comment Stuff

Okay, okay. I caved. I'm tired of the spam. Now, sadly, you have to do a word verification bit to comment on my blog. I figured it wasn't that big a deal since practically nobody comments anyways. Also, now I have comments popping up in a seperate window. I think it's neat. I'm always looking at site tweaks, so if I do more I will let you (all) know.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Friday Bootleg x 2

So, since I missed last week I'm gonna set you p with two places to get your weekly dose of hot bootleg-on-bootleg action. First, in honor of Nick Hawkins, here's some Nick & BAD tracks for you to listen to and remember a damned fine musician.

Next, perhaps you would care for some Allman Brothers. Oh, I know that you would. A live show. Enjoy it.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nick Hawkins RIP

Nick Hawkins died October 10th. For those that don't know, Nick Hawkins was a member of the brilliant Reggae/Dance/Rap/Rock group Big Audio Dynamite (II). He played with former Clash singer/guitarist Mick Jones and had a solo career of his own. He played some damned fine music and he will be missed.

In other music news, I'll be attending The Pietasters/Big D & The Kids Table Show down in CT tonight. Should be fun. last time I was at that venue the sound system sucked, so if it sucks again tonight I'll be seeing them again when they hit Northampton on Saturday night. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Seeing Noam Chomsky

ahh, nothing better than finishing up your break than with a lecture from the one and only Noam Chomsky. I don't have too much to say about the specifics of the lecture; it's all pretty much stuff you've heard before if you've been in tune with either Chomsky's earlier works or the intellectual Left in general. I think it's a great testament to Noam Chomsky's legacy that most of what he has to say has now be distilled in school and in the Left's (and to some extent even the mainstream's) discourses. No, seeing Noam Chomsky last night was about witnessing one of (if not the) greatest Lefty Intellectual do his thing.

Now, let me start by saying this: Noam Chomsky is a dry speaker. Very dry. I knew that beforehand; Besides reading any number of his articles and books, I've seen videos of his lectures, and have several CD's of his recordings (including his phenomenal "The New War on Terror: Fact and Fiction"). The point is, I had braced myself for his speaking style. Unfortunately, I didn't think how hot and stifling the auditorium would be, as it was jam packed beyond capacity. Still, once you got beyond these minor quibbles, the night really was amazing.

Even though Chomsky is dry, or perhaps because his dryness (as Ashy posits), Noam Chomsky really forces you to hear what he's saying, not just how he's saying it. And he has an equally dry wit, which can be absolutely phenomenal. He's at his best when he's making the leaders of the New World Order look foolish for the disconnect between their rhetoric and actions. That's largely what he was talking about last night. Essentially, how the United States, far from promoting democracy abroad as the rhetoric goes, instead undermines Democracy in many countries. Obviously, that is something you can hear elsewhere; but, it's truly excellent to hear it from one of the Left's elder statesmen. Throughout the lecture he presented case studies, from places like the Middle East and Africa, and after the lecture fielded a fairly interesting Q & A session. Throughout the lecture it was interesting to note how many of the conflicts he was discussing revolved around diminishing natural resources (sometimes oil, but not always). This seems to be an emerging focus (even in the mainstream discussion), and the depletion of our world's resources seems likely to become "for the 21st century what nuclear weapons were for the 20th century," in the words of fellow Left Wing intellectual and friend of Noam Chomsky (and one of my professors), Michael Klare. In other words, as time goes on, we're going to see the remaining natural resources of the world being hoarded by certain countries or coalitions of countries to create "resource superpowers" (a tactic Russia is actually in the middle of pursuing, with countries like the United States and China following suit). As time goes on, we're seeing how truly we have wrecked our environment, and global power and conflict is re-centering itself around the remaining resources accordingly. May we live in interesting times, indeed.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Red Sox Lose, No TFB, No Updates Till Tuesday

Hmmm... I don't usually post on the weekend but I didn't post my Friday Bootleg yesterday and for all I thought I should let my reader(s) know why. I'm on vacation. In Cape Cod. With relatives. And a dial up internet connection over a single phone line. So, no internet during the day and at night it is slooooow. Yesterday I was working and driving and watching the Red Sox lose (more on them in a second) all day, so I didn't get a chance to post a bootleg. Sorry. I'll do something extra special next week, I promise. Anyways, I won't be back on campus till tuesday so no more updates till then. Maybe even not then, but either Tuesday night or Wednesday, I'll write up an analysis of Noam Chomsky, who I'll be seeing Tuesday evening.

As for the Red Sox. Ahhh... it was pretty crushing. But we didn't deserve to win. The White Sox did. They were the better team, that's all there was to it. Well, I'm rooting for them to go all the way and win it. They haven't since 1917 ya know. I think the franchise has finally paid their dues ocer the 1919 world series. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, learn more here about the infamous "Black" Sox of the 1919 World Series. Hell, maybe after this year "Shoeless" Joe Jackson will finally get to rest in peace. Let's hope.

As for the Red Sox, next year they're gonna go all the way. I can feel it.

As I said before, faith springs eternal.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Do Not Adjust Your Set...

And forget all that negative crap about the Red Sox yesterday. I can be optimistic. We have Wakey on the mound tomorrow and then Schill (who's been coming in big for us in games where it matters most). Then, when we win, if weather cooperates, we'll be be playing game 5 after a 1 day delay and Wells will be pitching on full rest. And he won't fuckin' let the White Sox win again. True 'nuff. Season ain't over yet.

Faith springs eternal.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


What a horrid day in Sports. The Sox blow the lead in the game and end up losing it. We're fucked. The Season is over. It's okay, really. We all knew this wasn't a World Series-caliber team. I think next year we'll be in a position to make some big gains and hopefully become a seriously contending team again. But right now, we really just aren't playoff material. Sad but true.

The sting would hurt a little less though, if the MFYs were losing. But they aren't. Fuck 'em.

And just to kick me in the ribs a little while I'm down, the Bruins dropped their season opener on a "questionable" penalty call that gave the canucks the power play in the last moments of the game and broke the 1-1 tie. Rats.

I need a day off from sports (easy to achieve, since the Sox don't play again 'till Friday).

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Here's a rockin' article on education funding by a cousin of mine. Check it out, it's juicy and full of delicious facts and ideas.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Turkey & The EU

With the shitstorm that is U.S. politics getting muddafuckin' craz-ah lately, sometimes we forget about the politics on the other side of the pond. News today is actually a pretty big deal. The deadlock over Turkey's admittance to the European Union seems to have been resolved, with Austria finally agreeing to fall in line and let the process begin for Turkey's acceptance into the EU. The result of Turkey's acceptance into the EU could change the complexion of EU politics permanently, for better or worse (I would tend to say for better). Something to keep an eye on.


Miers as SCOTUS nominee

I'm sure everone has heard it by now, but Harriet Miers has been announced as Dubya's candidate to replace O'Connor. Now, my stomach gets a little knotted up whenever I hear that Bush has "announced" something, but for the sake of my trying not to just be a partisan hack, I'm going to reserve judgement on Miers until a little more information trickles in. It's just more intellectually honest that way.


EDIT: The Right Wing seems outraged at the nomination, more info here.

And the Post-Season is Upon Us

Well, we couldn't take the division but the Wild Card is nice too. The Sox-Sox series is going to be a good one. Look for an excellent breakdown of the series here and a nice comparison and breakdown of the players here.

As for the Angels-Yankees series... could it be that I want the Yankees to win? I mean, realistically, we're better off facing them than the Angels (who are monstrous this year). But, and this is a big but, you will see the fires of Hell reign down from the Heaven's and destroy all that I hold dear before I root for the Yankees. Go Angels.