Friday, April 28, 2006

The Friday Bootleg

Listen to Neil Young's new anti-war album called "Living with War" for free here. Rock.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Swords Crossed

In the realm of the blogosphere, it is rare indeed to see reasoned debate unfold in the pages of a site like Daily Kos (which I love and usually agree with anyways) or Powerline (which makes me throw up in my mouth a little every time I venture through its forbidding gates). However, running against the grain of the blogosphere, a site has emerged called Swords Crossed.

The concept of the site is simple enough: debate takes place between the two primary site bloggers, one from the left and one from the right. The guy on the left is Armando, the fiery Cuban from sites like the previously mentioned Daily Kos and My Left Wing, and on the right is Trevino, purveyor of the thought provoking (?) sites RedState and Tacitus. They engage in the issues of the day, with Tacitus writing something, Armando responding, Tacitus re-responding, and so forth. The catch is, this is all done with a sense of civility and respect.

Obviously, this site must be stopped. This kind of blogging precedent could destroy the entire infrastructure of blogging. The kind of standard a site like this could set would be offensively sensible. The thought of a blogging community centered on reasonable debate and a respect for one's intellectual opponent (dare I say, equal?), will simply punish the backbone of the blog phenonemon: poorly written posts with absurdist logic, spewing venom and hate at anyone who dares disagree with them. An end to all this could fill the entire internet (and, by extension, our very lives) with a kind of omnipresent, crushing void...

I have seen the future, and it is terrifying in its reasonableness.


 Finally ending the charade, The White House and Fox News have officially joined forces as Fox News Anchor Tony Snow becomes the new White House spokesman. This is... breathtaking. The funny thing is, I think this move actually somehow makes the two parties more intellectually honest, at least they're not pretending anymore.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Approval Ratings

Ouch. I'm afraid this new poll may harsh the president's buzz. 32% is mighty low.

White Supremacist Music Video

Check it out here. It would be somehow offensive if it weren't so horribly edited with the worst kind of graphic experience. The song itself is long, tedious, mullet-driven masturbatory heavy metal with the lamest of guitar solos. A must see.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Friday Bootleg (Plus Edition)

Hey, since I've been blogging so little all week I thought I'd sweeten up the Friday bootleg with an extra tidbit or two of linkage and info.

1st: the Red Sox lost last night. It sucked. Hard. I know that the Sox are gonna lose games, but it seems like the bats are totally turned off when Wake is on the mound. This has to change. Especially when we're going into a Lion's Lair like Toronto now. We needed the momentum. Bleh.

2nd: Check out a video preview of the new Opera (version 9.0) browser here. Pretty slick, huh? Those widgets look awesome. Very handy, I'd say. I know I used to preach from the Firefox bible, but lately I've been trying out Opera and I must say... I think I'm going to switch over to it permanently. It's more stable than Firefox, faster, and has less security problems (not that Firefox has many). On top of that, it looks nice - by default. I still need to use Firefox and IE on occasion - Opera is the least supported browser, I'd say - but except for those occasions, I'm loving me some Opera. And I'm about to go download the new 9.0 beta.

Now, onto the Friday Bootleg. Today, I want to link you to two entries from the great music blog Something I Learned Today...

First, check out this classic Boston punk band The Proletariat. I love, love, LOVE these guys. Sparse, militant leftist political punk rock. These guys have a lot going on for them. From the angry barking marxist lyrics to the less is more guitar work, The Proleariat were one of the great punk bands from the heyday of Beantown punk. They're actually similar to the next band I want to link y'all too.

Second, you all need to migrate yo'selves over to check out Gang of Four. Everything that I liked in The Proletariat can be found in spades in Gang of Four. From the classic "Anthrax" to killers like "Armalite Rifles" these guys did everything right. Less marxist than The Proletariat, Gang of Four wasn't so much about sloganeering as it was about providing trenchant social commentary on the state of life in the late 20th century. Add to that some absoluting killer guitar work, and you have one of the great punk bands of all time.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I don't feel like posting today, it's too nice out. BUT. And this is a big BUT! I do have some of the most awesomest white person rap there is. Find it here and be blazed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gore in 2008?

Sorry about the lack of updates, folks. A combination of business and lack of inspiration to post has kept me away the last couple days. That's how it goes, I guess. Anyways, this little tidbit sparked my interest:
Al Gore is getting the band back together.

In a move that could inch him closer to another bid at the presidency in 2008, the former vice president has hired Roy Neel, a veteran of presidential politics, to help run his current campaign to raise awareness of global warming.

Interesting, no? I don't know exactly how I feel about this, but I do like Al Gore and I think he would make a good president. I just don't know how his campaign would go...

(via Crooks & Liars)

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Friday Bootleg

Yaaar! The Friday Bootleg is here! How's about instead of a particular band or album, I just link y'all to this page that has a LOT of quirky and offbeat music, available for download. Point yourselves over to WFMU's On The Download to get classics like "Kill the Bee Gees" by The Accident "Santa Doesn't Cop Out on Dope" by Sonic Youth. The site is a host to bizarre recordings, both from well know groups and obscurities. It also includes government tapes, tv footage, radio spots, and other oddities. Check it out.

Have a good weekend & a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now THIS is art...

Digital Art, werd. Check out this seriously amazing art here. Do it. For serious. It'll blow you away.

Live Academic Search...

... is Microsoft's answer to Google Scholar. CNet (again) has the skinny here. I really just wanted to use this as a venue to encourage everyone to check out the Microsoft Live website (, because it it pretty cool. It's amazingly customizable, and has the potential to be a comprehensive start page. As they add content and make it run smoother (its only in beta now), it should provide serious competition to Google, assuming people can get over their Microsoft-phobia. Of course, maybe it won't turn out as awesome as it should be (a common problem with computer stuff), but here's hoping.


That's right, ABC is going to start offering up some of its tv shows for free online. This cool, and I hope it ends up happening for shows I actually watch. CNet has the full breakdown of what this may mean for the industry and the future of tv on the net.

Bottom line: paying for tv shows (on the interweb) is for suckas. Don't be a sucka.

State of the Nation

Boston Review has some interesting data on the way Americans feel about things, like Gobal Warming. Apparently, only 24% of Americans would be unwilling to pay higher energy costs if it meant solving global warming. For that and more interesting survey data, check out the results here.

Corruption at the Foot of the Rockies

Cool title, huh?

Anyways, just thought I'd share a heartwarming story of Republican corruption in my own state of Colorado; you know, just to remind us all that Republicans can be sleazy bastards in all levels of government. From the Denver Post:
Former House Minority Leader Joe Stengel "discredited the reputation of the General Assembly" when he claimed "excessive" off-session pay, according to an ethics committee report released Tuesday.

The report concludes an investigation launched after it was reported that Stengel, R-Littleton, took pay for working all but seven days after the legislature adjourned last year.

Good thing the Republicans are the party of honesty and hard work, huh?

War on Easter

Remember the occasional "War on Easter" segment that Colbert would do, and we all laughed and had a chuckle because - seriously - who the crap would actually construct such a fabrication as a "War on Easter." Well, Bill O'Reilly, apparently. That's right, a new front in the "culture war" has been created by Bill O'Reilly, and its The War on Easter. Along with WorldNetDaily and Fox News Daytime (sourced from Think Progress), the WoE rhetoric is underway. Only these blowhards could advance such shockingly inane rhetoric.

Sickening, isn't it?

Coca Boycott Revisited

For those that may remember, I partook in the Coca Cola boycott (you can find a list of accusations against Coke here) that was being considered for the Hampshire campus (and had been instituted in at least 12 other campuses), a boycott designed to force Coca Cola into allowing an investigation into its business practices in Colombia (and India). Well, although all my college managed to do was pass a non-binding resolution to search for an alternative to Coke, other campuses have seemingly managed to pressure Coke into allowing the International Labor Organization (part of the United Nations) to investigate Coca Cola's possible crimes in Colombia. The non-profit Energy and Resources Institute is looking into Coca Cola's practices in India. As a result, the University of Michigan is ending its boycott of Coke, saying that the company has fulfilled the requirements set by the University.

I tend to agree with the University of Michigan; when I joined the Coke boycott, the goal of the boycott as far as I could tell was to coerce Coca Cola into accepting an independent investigation of the company's practices abroad. To my satisfaction (and I think we're going to see more Universities drop the boycott, as well) that goal has been met. So, I'm ending my boycott of Coca Cola, which makes me happy. I certainly wasn't boycotting because I don't like Coke. Now I can feel better about where my monies go, though.

Rights You Already Have

Constitutional Amendments created to protect rights that are already protected seems to be what all the cool kids are trying this year. It's this years "pog" if you will. Take, for example, the good folks in Missouri: they're trying to pass a consitutional amendment to protect personal prayer in schools. What makes this an excercise in pointless lawmaking is that this right already exists. No fooling! Wow, what a waste of time and taxpayer money! Aren't religious conservatives awesome?! It's like, when reality disagrees with their perception of being a horribly persecuted minority, they go ahead with their stupid laws anyways. I wish I could be that cool.


I don't know whether to...

...laugh or cry.

Both, maybe.


Okay, I was going to post about the further uncovering of lies and deception perpetrated by the Bush administration - but frankly, it's getting to be information overload. I mean, we all already know they're liars and crooks, and I don't think I need to bitch about it anymore. Anyways, instead I'm just going to link y'all to a very handy resource: a fairly comprehensive list of bogus "spyware detector" programs that are out there. This list is authored by the good folks at Spyware Warrior and I'm sure to anyone contemplating additional anti-spyware measures (or wondering wtf the program they have on their computer is), it will prove a valuable resource.

Moree updates about politics now? Perhaps. Perhaps NOT. Dun dun dun. Probably.

Monday, April 10, 2006

No Updates Today

Sorry folks, no updates today. I've got a lot of work and a mid-term to study for. Maybe no updates tomorrow either, y'all know how crappy I am at updating on Tuesdays.

If I have a few minutes, I'll try and get something up.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Friday Bootleg

Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday. Lot's of news out there... I encourage you to seek it out. You shall not find it here... for today is The Friday Bootleg! For today, how about some rock n roll ou of Providence? How about a band I think I'm a-gonna be seein' Saturday night? How about The Wrong Reasons? How about: yes. Find free mp3s from their website here. These guys offer up that lean n mean country-rock that we all crave (oh, I know that we do). So, enjoy them and I'll see you all on Monday.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mac + Windows

Mac has released a beta of a bootup program to allow Intel-based Macs to dualboot Windows and the Mac OS. The program is expected to be a regular feature in future OS released. This is interesting. I actually like it, its a step that really makes having a Mac box worthwhile to more people. I know that I can be a Mac hata', but ultimately what I'm in favor of is the push to create the best computer experience possible - with my particular interest being in gaming. Will I go out and by a Mac now? Not too likely, if I had the kind of scratch to lay down on an expensive new computer like a Mac, I'd be more likely to opt for building my own system. But, that's coming from someone who likes computers primarily as gaming machines and has enough knowhow to build a computer. If I couldn't/didn't want to go that route, and I had the money to shell out for it, a Mac has now all of a sudden become a much more viable option. Anyways, interesting development. If it increases sales, Microsoft will be laughing all the way to the bank - they own a lot of Apple stock and can expect an increase in sales of Windows XP.


EDIT: I should also point out that this will hopefully have the effect of injecting more competitiveness in the PC market, since Macs will now be a competitor. This move could herald and increase in the quality of computers from companies like Dell, which have kind of slacked off in recent years.

"By doing this, Apple has made a tacit acknowledgement of what many have already said, which basically is: If you're serious about home computing or small-enterprise computing, you need Windows. There's no way around it," Jackson said.

So there.


Peeps! Peeps! Peeps!

Ahh, Spring.

Jesus Walked on Ice?

That's what a professor is suggesting. Doron Nof says his research into the time period show a cooler climate and water and atmospheric conditions that could have lead to ice patches thick enough for a person to walk on in the Meditteranean at the time Jesus was around. A person observing Jesus from a distance wouldn't be able to see the ice, and it would look like he was walking on water. Interesting and plausible. But hey, science can't explain miracles, right? And John McCain is a "maverick."


Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day

Not gonna do much posting today. Two reasons:

1) I have homework to do.

2) It's Opening Day muthatruckas!! That means glorious Red Sox action at 2:05. This means Schill on the mound and a new lineup to analyze and root for. Oh glorious baseball. 8 months just isn't enough.

So, this is it for me today. Before I go, however, let me just point out that Nothing Nice To Say seems to be updating again. Cool, huh?

P.S. For one of the greatest speeches on baseball of all time, go here.