Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I like Taquitos!

I just stumbled across what may be the greatest site ever made: Taquitos.net. This site does reviews of snacks (primarily potato chips). Their database is extensive and they have a large number of reviews.

Todd Helton Deal Falls Through

Arrggghh. I just wanted to express my disappointment at the Todd Helton --> Red Sox deal that was rumored to be in the making and that has, apparently, fallen through. I think the fucking Rockies owed it to Helton to give him a shot at a World Series, not to mention that the Rockies are going to be mired in a contract they can't afford for 5 years. It's neat that O'Dowd and Monfort "stuck to their guns" about getting some A-list prospects or whatever, but if they fucked it up so Helton can't be moved, then the Rockies aren't going to be able to do jack shit for 5 more years and the club will be much worse off than if they had just accepted some lower-tier prospects.

On the Red Sox end, the deal wasn't crucial and I'm glad they didn't give away anything too valuable for Helton. I'm hoping this talk of ending discussions is just a ruse so that talks can continue without media scrutiny.

Jesus, baseball needs to start soon.

P.S. For those that may not be in the know, I'm both a Red Sox and Rockies fan, so I was particularly interested in seeing this deal succeeding.

Johnny Thunders

Okay, another quick post about awesome bootlegs you can grab. The blog Hard Rock Cafe has a killer 2-disc set of Johnny Thunders live material available for download. If you don't know, Johnny was one of the great proto-punk musicians. Definitely worth checking out for fans of Iggy Pop, The MC 5, and even The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed. Also, a guy to check out if you're into that whole self-destructive doomed "alternative" musician type (a la Sid Vicious, although Johnny Thunders was actually an awesome musician). Anyhow, grab the bootleg here. And rock out.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Joy Division Bootlegs

Okay... I just had to share this. This blog (sorry, it ehn't in English) has a massive number of Joy Division bootlegs available for download here. They aren't in a lossless format, but it's still a wealth of awesome music for anyone that loves perhaps the best post-punk band of all time. Enjoy the downloads.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Friday Music Video

Welcome to Friday, kids. This week saw the release of the self-titles debut by awesome Indie-Rock band The Good, The Bad & The Queen. For those not in the know, the band is a "super group" comprised of Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), Paul Simonon (The Clash, Havana 3AM), Simon Tong (The Verve), and Tony Allen (some shit I'm not familiar with). The release is awesome, sort of a (Gorillaz's) Demon Days feel, but a bit more melancholy. It's great to hear that Simonon-style dub-like bass work too. I highly recommend checking the album out. Anyways, here's a live rendition of their second single, "Kingdom of Doom:"

Enjoy the weekend y'all!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Colorado Pride!

Today's source of shame and embarrassment for being in any way associated with these elected officials comes courtesy of Wayne Allard (douchebag-CO), who tried to weasel in an amendment to the Minimum Wage bill which would effectively destroy minimum wage law as we know it.

How you ask (maybe you don't, but let's pretend). Surely, an elected official (and 27 of his Republican colleagues who voted for the amendment!) wouldn't vote against the will of the people on such an issue (support for an increase is in the 80% region). I mean, c'mon! They're not that sleazy/stupid/arrogant/prickish/etc. Oh, how wrong you are. So very, very wrong.

The Allard Amendment (as it may perhaps be called by some) would eliminate compulsory compliance to any federal minimum wage - thus making any state that happens to be part of the United States responsible for setting their own minimum wage laws. This seems like a stupid idea. Mostly because with no floor for minimum wage, it can't be hard to imagine business lobbys throwing like... a gajillion dollars at the state level and getting minimum wage laws obliterated. Bad, bad idea. Don't get me wrong - state rights and all that crap are neat and remind me of High School History class. But seriously, not having a federal minimum wage would be like putting a huge dildo up the ass of every person who works at or near the mimum wage. And you know who is holding that dildo? This man:

Cronyism is the Bee's Knees

Rumsfeld is, apparently, still at the Pentagon in a "consulting" capacity (with a staff your taxes paid for!). Carpetbagger Report has the scoop here.

I would consider this sort of thing shameful, except that we've all learned not to expect anything even slightly better from these people. *sigh*

Monday, January 22, 2007

Blog for Choice Day

I understand that I'm a little late getting on the trolley (such as it were), but I figured that I would point out that today is "Blog For Choice Day" (it's also the anniversary of Roe v. Wade). I don't know if I have much to say, but suffice to say that I'm pro-choice. For me, it's about respecting the autonomy of fellow human beings (combined with being totally unconvinced that a fetus is a human being itself). There are a lot of other reasons why I would call myself pro-choice, or that I recognize as benefits of having abortion legalized (safety and health of women, for example), but the core of it is definitely about respecting the basic rights of other people to do what they will with their own body. So, yeah, check out more pro-choice stuff at the pretty swell blog, Feministing.

Andy Griffith and The Patriot Act

In this classic Andy Griffith moment, Andy explains why we have a legal process - I imagine Andy would be pretty disappointed in the Patriot Act based on what he says here:

God bless television. Now if I could just find the episode where Goober shouts out "citizen's arrest!" throughout the episode...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Salazar v. Tancredo

Words can not express how giddy I am about this development. For those that don't know, Ken Salazar (D-Colorado) made a state of the Union "pre-buttal" speech, and delivered it in both English and Spanish. Tom Tancredo (raging xenophobe-Colorado) flipped the fuck out in response. He started warning us that we're going to start becoming bilingual like.... (play ominous music).... CANADA. It's hilarious. Ignoring the fact that the U.S. has a pretty strong multi-lingual tradition (except in our schools, natch'), Tancredo weirdly suggests that excluding an entire race of people will somehow bring us together. Kos has the full rundown here, including a beautiful bit where he points out that the Republican Party has its own Spanish website. Breathtaking.

As a post script, I don't know if this post can really convey how happy I am regarding these developments. I absolutely cannot stand Tancredo, and anything Salazar can do to piss him off makes me literally giddy.

Hillary is Running

In case you were not aware, Hillary has officially announced her candidacy for president of the United States. Lots of people have lots of opinions on Hillary; as for my own, I've tried to be even-handed. Still, I think that criticism from the left on Hillary is worth looking at, and here is some from notedly awesome blogger Bob Harris:
In the wake of 9-11, it wasn't just George W. Bush telling the world "every nation has to be either with us or against us." It was Hillary, as you can hear for yourself.

You can find more of this by reading his post here. He goes over reasons (like the one above) why you should be worried about Hillary, and he also goes over some of the numbers why she wouldn't be appealing to the public in general. Could she win? I Still think so. Would I support her if she were the nominee? Sure. Are there better choices (read: Edwards or Obama)? Probably. I still reserve judgment until primary election day, but I admit I just can't get too excited about the prospect of President Hillary Clinton.

(via This Modern World)

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Friday Music Video

Sorry this is actually going up on Saturday. Not much to say... this is one of the Jazz masters at work. Charles Mingus performing "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat:"

Dig it, cool cats. I'll try and be back next week with some more actual content.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Friday Music Video

Okay, for today's Friday Music Video, here's a cartoon classic. A hip take on The Three Little Pigs. Dig it:

I'm out.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Friday Music Video

Well, I didn't update much at all this week... but here's the Friday Music Video anyways ('cuz y'all are just so awesome). This music performance will blow your friggin' mind. It's The Temptations vs. The Four Tops and it is amazing:

I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow so I may post weird, incoherent things here.